Car Crash 3ds max animation

Earlier this year I uploaded some of my motion graphics and animation samples to YouTube. Among the videos was a personal project I made a few years ago with 3ds max.

Car Crash started as a modeling project. I saw the Chrysler Crossfire, thought it looked cool and decided to make it in 3D. Later on I was playing with the “Toy Car” physics reactor simulator and used the shiny new model as a subject. The animation of the car is all made with computer generated physics; gravity, velocity, mass and friction. Basically I create a surface for the object to travel on with obstacles, let it go and see what happens. I ran the simulation several times before landing on a crash I liked.

The next stage was to build the environment around it. The other two cars are free models I got from Turbo Squid, but all the other elements and textures I made myself. After that I made a camera and gave the scene a handheld look. The final touch was to add some sound effects (audio really helps sell an animation). All told I spent over a month making this short clip.

Why am I talking about it now? Because it’s had more views than any of my other uploads, by a long shot. I’m not sure why. Maybe people like watching random acts of destruction. Perhaps all the 3D nerds are looking at my meager skills to feel better about their own. Either way, I still think it’s pretty neat so thought I’d post it. Click the play button to give it a boo!

YouTube Preview Image

More of my animation work can be found in the Motion Graphics section.


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