Motion Graphics Demo Reel

I just updated my demo reel and put it up on youtube and this site. I had some fun making an opening title sequence thanks to Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin for After Effects. I purchased it a while ago for a project and haven’t had the opportunity to use it on any recent stuff so I decided to play around with it just for fun.

When I got element I also purchased the Metropolitan model pack. Anyone familiar with my work knows I’ve done a lot of architectural themed animation. Indeed, there was a big chunk of the early 2000′s where I spent much of my free time modeling buildings and street themed stuff. It helped me get faster with 3d modeling and noticing nuances in architecture. Sometimes, often times really, budget and timelines haven’t allowed me to go all-in on a 3D urban environment so when I saw the good folks at Video Copilot went to the trouble of putting together a package of pre-built structures that work with their slick plugin I didn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Name Drop

Sample frame from my demo intro made using Element 3D for After Effects. I modeled the hover plane myself using 3ds max to test the import functionality of the plugin (and to make it look a little cooler!)

I still have much to learn about Element 3D (the plugin has a wide array of features), but I was very pleased with how quick it was to put together a dense scene full of depth and texture. For many 3D projects details like depth of field, motion blur and ambient occlusion become casualties of war due to the increased rendering times. Not a problem with Element 3D. It was also a snap to integrate enhancements like Optical flares, stock footage and particles without the hassle of importing camera data or tracking footage. All in all. Very slick experience. I hope to have some more samples to show soon. In the meantime, please enjoy!

City Flythrough

Element 3D allowed me to add nuances such as motion blur, depth of field and ambient occlusion without significantly increasing render time.

Motion Graphics Title


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