Using a DSLR Camera for Shooting Video

Those who frequent Uberdoodles know that my day job is as a Motion Graphic Designer at Studio Post in Edmonton. You may also have noticed that I’ve started sharing more of my photography among the pyrography and pixel wrangling. A visitor recently asked, knowing that I shoot on a Nikon D7000¬†and it’s capable of shooting 1080p, if I use the digital camera for video. Yes, I do!

I’ve gotten considerable use out my camera for everything from stills for compositing to background plates (the above Hipstamatic photo shows my camera shooting a time lapse sky with a fish eye lens). I’ve also used it for B-roll footage on some of our projects.

In fact, I wrote an article for Studio Post called “When to DSLR it“. To summarize the post:

  • DSLR video is becoming increasingly popular in professional media.
  • Key advantages are affordability, mobility and versatility.
  • Key disadvantages include rolling shutter, compression and frame rates.

The post includes a greater explanation of the above bullet points and provides links to helpful resources to help get the most out of your DSLR when shooting video.


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