Autumn in the Ravine

Pileated woodpecker

Pileated woodpecker

After a long work week I decided a walk through nearby Whitemud Ravine would be a good way to start my weekend. As usual I brought the camera along with hopes of capturing a little autumn magic. Well I got that and then some!

The ravine was jam packed with wildlife. I hadn’t been down in a while as this summer’s mosquito infestation was bad and long lasting. In the interim all sorts of critters have made their way in.

There were several birds who were good enough to pose for me. I kept catching glimpses of a beautiful pileated woodpecker before capturing the photo you see beside.

I kept seeing evidence of beaver activity and eventually hit the mother load. I spotted four rodent engineers chilling near their dam. I was enjoying watching them swim and eat for a while, but apparently overstayed my welcome; while I was zoomed in on one another snuck up on me and gave the water a good slap with its tale. I didn’t get wet, but it gave me quite a start so I decided to leave the moody engineers in peace and move on.

Then, just as I was content with the evening’s sites and was making my way homeward a young mule deer and I crossed paths. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the camera ready before spooking him, but it was still quite an eventful evening for nature and photography!


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