Cowboy Trail

Bar U Ranch

The Historic Bar U Ranch in Southern Alberta.

On the August long weekend I had the great treat of taking a trip down the Cowboy Trail in Southern Alberta. I’ve wanted to see the area in greater detail since working on the Cowboy Country TV series. One truly has to see the vistas in person to fully appreciate them. The rolling hills, wind-bent trees, mountain wildflowers, historic ranches and, of course, the Rocky Mountains all tumble past you in rapid succession along the scenic drive.

My Aunt and I did a day trip that covered Highway 22 towns including Bragg Creek, Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview and the Bar U Ranch. After visiting the Historic ranch we doubled back a bit and took what may be the most breathtaking drive I’ve ever witnessed; the Highwood Pass.

Highwood Pass

Along the Highwood Pass in Southern Alberta.

The Pass is only open June through December. Before the trip I thought this was due to harsh winter conditions in the remote area, but it actually is too preserve the migration pattern of wildlife. Barring humans from entering the back country helps keep the animals from leaving their habitats and moving closer to more populated areas. There were bear warnings in the area, but we didn’t catch a glimpse of any Grizzlies or Black bears.

We didn’t see any bears and I’m not entirely disappointed. While I’d love to get a first hand look and maybe get some pictures to use for my art, they’re, you know, wild animals with big teeth and claws that bite and scratch!

All in all, I’m so glad I got a chance to take a trip down the Cowboy Trail. For anyone interested in checking it out I’d recommend late July/early August because the days are long and the flowers are in bloom. Our day trip took 13 hours from Calgary, but only covered less than 400 km. There are so many places to stop and have a look around.

It’s an exceptionally beautiful area that’s provided me some first hand inspiration that I hope you’ll see in my upcoming art. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery of my photos below.


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