Scenes from the Enjoy Centre

Miniature Forest

Miniature Forest

I recently joined the Images Alberta Camera Club and my first group outing was to the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert.

I’d never been to the sprawling space and didn’t know what to expect so packed my camera bag with pretty much everything. Most of my shots from the day were made with my 35mm prime (with close up lenses) and Lensbaby Composer, but the 18-105mm and 70-300mm also had their moments.

There was an incredible array of options to photograph; flowers, ornaments, dining rooms, grocery shopping, shiny things… so many that I didn’t come away with any prevailing theme, but below are some shots I’m happy with.

Thanks to everyone at the Enjoy Centre for letting us in. Looking forward to more photo outings with the IACC.


About Chris Wulff

I like to make pictures. Sometimes they move across the screen, sometimes they move you. I draw with fire on wood, with my finger on a phone, with a keyboard and fancy filters and sometimes even with a pencil on paper. I use a camera to capture what I see and my imagination to capture what I can't see.

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