Pixel Wrangling

Pixel Wrangling

Me drawing myself. Ouch!

When it came time to decide what to do with my life,  ”make pretty pictures” came to me quickly and hung around persistantly. I’ve loved to draw and make shapes and patterns as long as I can remember. I slacked my way through school because the innocent (or arrogant) young me always knew I would assemble a career making pictures.

How to go about doing that for a living took a while longer. After finishing high school I spent a few years drawing unpublished comics, working in restaurants, doodling and sketching, pumping gas,  playing basketball, walking the Earth, water color painting, avoiding being lured into pyramid scams,  plunking around with keyboards, and all sorts of other things that kept me living in my parents’ basement. Eventually I decided some more education would do me good.

My Post secondary pursuits initially involved courses like Abnormal Psychology, Philosophy in Literature and Anthropology. I loved studying these subjects, but couldn’t see myself finding or wanting a career based on them. Along the way I started learning how to use computers and suddenly the I saw a link between my love of doodling, these fancy 1′s and 0′s and a bona fide day job. I would study Computer Graphic Design! (Doesn’t that term sound old fashioned?)

Two years later I had a diploma in Visual Communication Design in my hand and I haven’t had to look back since. I’ve been able to practice all the facets of the communication arts; print, web, and motion. I spend the bulk of my time focusing on the latter two working as a Motion Graphic Designer for Studio Post in Edmonton, Alberta. Contained in this section are samples of some of my graphic design work, both freelance and in service to the man.

Graphic Design
Motion Graphics