The Great One

• The Great One • If you grew up when I did where I did, chances are you'll remember what happened 25 years ago today. I'll choose to remember the good days.

If you grew up when I did where I did, chances are you’ll remember what happened 25 years ago today. I’ll choose to remember the good days.

Wayne Gretzky  watercolor painting

Watercolor painting I made of Gretzky from a picture on a hockey card back in 1992.

Wayne Gretzky was a continues to be one of my heroes. I never played organized hockey or was a rabid fan of the sport, but the magic this man created was unquestionable. Even better in my adult eyes is the way he handled himself off the ice. Wayne is a class act. What you see in the media and stories I’ve heard paint the picture of a generous, kind and positive human being. This is especially admirable considering he was a marked man ever since he was a small child. Opposition players, teammates and their parents resented his skill and dominance of the sport.

Wayne could have easily grown up bitter and jaded about the treatment, even turn away from the game he loved. Instead he took the high road, turned the other cheek, made the best of a bad situation. All the things we’re taught to do, but are difficult to live up to. He did it in spades. Gretzky grew up to be the greatest hockey player ever to play the game. He bacame a husband and father, a businessman, and, after retiring as a player in 1999, a coach, manager and ambassador for the game. A great role model.

gretzky t-shirt

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