Breaking Bad, But Drawing Good!


“Heisenberg” Portrait of Bryan Cranston from the TV series Breaking Bad made with an iPad using SketchClub.

I’m a huge fan of the epic TV series Breaking Bad and the story of Walter H. White has infiltrated my Instagram iDoodling. For each new episode this season I’m making (at least) one new doodle the Sunday it airs.

[instapress userid="uberdoodles" tag="breakingbad" piccount="20" size="139" effect="fancybox" title="1" paging="1"]

I’m mostly using the app Sketchclub and drawing using a stylus on the iPad. The style is random and usual reflects whatever spirit moves me that day!

If I’ve installed the plugin correctly, this page should auto-update each time I upload a new image to Instagram.



About Chris Wulff

I like to make pictures. Sometimes they move across the screen, sometimes they move you. I draw with fire on wood, with my finger on a phone, with a keyboard and fancy filters and sometimes even with a pencil on paper. I use a camera to capture what I see and my imagination to capture what I can't see.

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