Long term pros mean short term cons

A whole lot of new stuff has been keeping me from posting about pyrography, pixel wrangling or photography lately. Between work and here I’m building 15 new websites and setting up SEO (search engine optimization) for those and a few more. I’ll post more specifics when they’re looking shiny.

All this means I’ve been spending a lot of time in front of the computer. Because I’m my own worst enemy I decided to add ‘get a new pc’ to my plate. I say this in a less-than-optimistic way because getting a new puter to purr can be a pain. Even when the replacement has 4 cores, 16 GB ram, 1 TB of Raid storage and full 1080 video graphic goodness. There are so many 1′s and 0′s to get in a row that the long term increase in speed can lead to a short term lag in productivity. Also, I’m coming off of a 24 hour stomach malady (I state that not to troll for sympathy or to gross you out, but because I started feeling queezy 27 hours ago and I’m feeling much better now (fingers crossed)) so the last bit has been more of a pain than I’d prefer.

Aaaaaannnyway, until I post again, below is a snap of the new laptop. Yes, it has fancy LED keyboard lighting, but I’m more stoked about having a numpad again!

Numpad on my new laptop

4 cores, 16 GB ram, but I'm most excited because the keyboard has a numpad!


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I like to make pictures. Sometimes they move across the screen, sometimes they move you. I draw with fire on wood, with my finger on a phone, with a keyboard and fancy filters and sometimes even with a pencil on paper. I use a camera to capture what I see and my imagination to capture what I can't see.

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