I’ve carried a camera around since I was a kid and used photography to aid my illustration work, not to mention, document my comings and goings. In college it started to become a professional tool using a poloroid and my Canon SureShot Mega Zoom to aid in Graphic Design projects (this was way back in the film days). I entered the digital photography world in 2001 and my love and passion for capturing still moments in time has only grown.

I currently shoot with a Nikon D7000 and an iPhone5. Below are some selection of my work.





Pictures and Words

I’ve put some of my education and experience in photography into words. Below are links to my picture making adventures.
Making a better memory with HDR.
Portrait Photography. Shooting a band in low light in a cramped environment.
Animal Photography. Getting better pictures by hunting beavers.
Photographing Ice Sculptures at Night
More Ice Photos. This time they’re HDR Fisheye and at Night.