Hairy Dirty

Hairy Dirty, portrait of Clint Eastwood. Pyrography on Pine

The art of burning images into wood or Pyrography is not well known to many. The basic concept is taking hot metal and touching wood to leave a mark. This mark can be as simple as a brand or a letter, but to give it a high falutin name like pyrography implies skill and precision. Varying degrees of heat and subtle adjustments to speed and pressure of stroke create delicate sepia tones around ashen crevices.

Put together successfully, they’re formed to make beautiful images in pine, basswood and maple! The first time I tried pyrography I was instantly hooked. I hope you see the passion and energy I feel when making my woodburnings.

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As an artist working in a relatively remote part of the world (Edmonton is the most northern major city on the planet!) I have met very few people who understand why pyrography is, let alone meet another woodburning audience. I like to think that being a little obscure makes me unique and perhaps even special. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help educate and encourage other to make images on wood with fire. Below you will find some information and resources that I hope will help do just that.

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