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Below are the posts from the old site in case you’re interested!

New decade, new doodles!

January 16, 2010 ~ Happy New Year! The Twenty Oughts are behind us and I’ve updated my site (Finally). If you’ve visited before you’ll see the design has been completely overhauled. I’ve spent a fare bit of time lately offering design and Art Direction for other websites so I thought it would be a good idea to re-do Uberdoodles.

This is my first attempt at executing the HTML and CSS for a complete website. I hold no aspirations to work in programming (I’ve been able to work with people far more proficient and savvy than I), but I figure the better I understand the technical side, the better my design will be. We’ll see how that goes!

I’ve tested the site in most of the browsers – Internet Explorer 7 giving me the most grief – but if you happen upon any glitches please let me know(especially if you know how to fix them!)

In artsy news, it was a busy year for me and most my work ended up being computer generated. That said, I did spend some quality time with fire and wood. Subject matter has ranged from birds and horses to bones and buildings. Check out the Pyrography Gallery to see some new stuff.

As always, feel free to contact me directly if you’re interested in purchasing a piece or commissioning an original.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged, commissioned or asked if I’m still alive!

CFR round up!

November 9, 2008 ~ I just finished up my first public display at the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Big thanks to my friends at Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine and Cowboy Country Television for giving me space at their booth. It was a great experience and all the positive feedback, not to mention purchases, were very much appreciated!

Uberdoodles goes live

November 4, 2008 ~ My pyrographic pursuits have an online home! I’ve been working at improving my techniques and skill for a while, but the word of mouth started increasing interest in my woodburning so I decided to put together this website. It took me a while as work (the day job and the pyrography commissions) kept me busy.

I’ve done my best to make sure all the links work, spelling is spelled right and, perhaps most importantly, the layout is attractive and the pictures look good! If you happen upon a busted link, would like to see the pyrography at a higher resolution or just plain have some comments, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Pyrography it is!

October 7, 2008 ~ For a little over a year now I’ve been obsessed with woodburning (pyrography for those of you who like fancy words). Although my plans were fairly modest from the outset, enough people who viewed my early work were encouraging enough to get me to put together a website devoted to my art.

Why Uberdoodles.com? Simple answer; because I’d already registered the domain. Why did I register it? I wanted to put together a site to showcase the work I do at the day job; 3d animation, visual effects, motion graphics, graphic design and illustration. My work always has a bit of a hybrid style. I use water tools at my disposal to get results. The term “uber doodles” came up a few times as a descriptor of my style and, much to my delight, the domain was free so I took it.

Fast forward a few years and (outside of the day job) pretty much everything I do is traditional, but I figure pyrography is unique enough of an artform to have a unique URL! So pyrography it is and uberdoodles.com it is. Excelsior!


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I like to make pictures. Sometimes they move across the screen, sometimes they move you. I draw with fire on wood, with my finger on a phone, with a keyboard and fancy filters and sometimes even with a pencil on paper. I use a camera to capture what I see and my imagination to capture what I can't see.

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