Tall Ship and Technique

Pyrography on Maple. 12 x 12
Before I started using my current burner from Razer Tip a lot of time was spent with a hobby burner experimenting with different techniques and cuts of wood. It might seem counter intuitive, but I strongly advocate working with basic tools to get the hang of pyrography.

Having infinite control is great, but when you have only one temperature and one try to get the mark you want, you learn to trust your hand. The more you trust your own instrument, the more natural and fluid the work becomes. That said, I couldn’t imagine being limited to that basic woodburner now, but I do still pull it out occasionally to play!

For Tall Ship I wanted get a sense of energy from the water. I choose maple plywood because it’s very hard so I could linger on an area longer than I could with pine or other soft woods. The varying tone in the wood also gave the scene an immediate sense of sky and environment.


About Chris Wulff

I like to make pictures. Sometimes they move across the screen, sometimes they move you. I draw with fire on wood, with my finger on a phone, with a keyboard and fancy filters and sometimes even with a pencil on paper. I use a camera to capture what I see and my imagination to capture what I can't see.

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