What is Pyrography?

Pyrography, also known as pokerwork or wood burning, is the art of using hot metal to decoratively mark materials such as wood, leather and paper.

A combination of heat and pressure allow an artist to create a wide variety of tone and texture that can range from photo-realistic to caveman quality; whatever the artists’ preference. Embellishments such as colour and relief carving can be employed to enhance the technique. Alternatively, pyrographic skills can be used to enhance other artforms such as wood carvings and leatherwork.

Literally meaning writing with fire, pyrography can be found in the World’s artistic cultural history ranging back to the early Eqyptians. I’m sure you could go back earlier, but evidence was most likely, well, burnt. Although it is a relatively obscure discipline I am none-the-less passionate about exploring and promoting the artform.

While an artist could use any type of heated instrument to create a wood burning, Pyrography Artists generally utilize either a solid point burner (soldering iron) or hot wire burner.

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